A mind maze in cyberspace

A game for Cyberpunk junkies. This time you may never escape cyberspace...




Neon Rewind is a VR solo co-op puzzle game for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. The game is set in a neon, cyberspace reality with a compelling storyline and set of unusual game mechanics based around motion controllers and recording/playback of your actions in virtual reality.

Enjoy a beautiful Cyberpunk environment

Choose an avatar and make the experience your own

Record your actions to help your latter self

Collaborate with yourself to solve challeging puzzles

The creators

Dual Good is a creative studio for VR games and experiences. We are a team of two – designer and developer, united by the passion for creating unique VR experiences that entertain, educate and help the community.  

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Get in touch

We are working hard to make Neon Rewind happen. If you have any suggestions, collaboration ideas, or are simply interested in hearing more about the final product, please drop us a line.